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Aves Chiloé is the first tour operator 100% specialized in bird watching in the Archipelago of Chiloe. This initiative was born in 2018 as a joint venture between 4 leading Ecotourism companies in the area, each with specialized and complementary services that together provide unforgettable experiences.


Private conservation initiative and walking trail. Hotspot for the most typical temperate rainforest birds.
Bird observatory center at Pullao Wetland and first birding Lodge in the archipelago.
Tour Operator specialized in nature, birdwatching, and Kayak in Chiloé, located in Castro.
Tour Operator specialized in nature and birdwatching located in Castro.


We specialize in birdwatching and count with highly trained field guides
Being able to go all over the diverse ecosystems of Chiloe searching for species that live in this territory can be a simply fascinating adventure for bird and nature lovers. Aves Chiloé invites you to enjoy the natural settings along with the local culture and its warm-hearted people. Different programs have been designed by bird-loving professionals so you may choose the best one for you.


Images you will never forget!


A place that will surprise you with its infinite diversity of birds, fauna, architecture, and natural landscapes.


A Place to Stay

The first lodge specialized for birdwatchers, located in one of the most important wetlands of the hemisphere for migrating birds: Refugio Pullao

Forest Reserve

We count with a private forest reserve, an ideal spot to observe forest birds in their natural and calm environment due to the fact that only small groups with qualified guides are allowed.


We count with the best birdwatching specialized guides living in Chiloé, thus they perfectly know the territory which is the scenario for this beautiful gift of nature.

A Safe Place to be

Chiloe is a peaceful and calm place to be considering the distance from big cities and their typical fuss. We work with 2 local tour operators from Chiloe who have years of experience and private touristic transportation of their own: Chiloé Natural and Siempre Verde Turismo. (Both comply with updated national norms.)


Chiloé is home to approximately 140 bird species that live in different environments such as inland and coastal wetlands, temperate rainforests, meadows, rivers, and the very different East and West coast of the main island.


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